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6 Common Reasons For Truck Accidents that Should Be Avoided

Have you experienced a life-threatening truck accident recently? You must have gone through mental and emotional trauma as truck accidents are scary, and creates a life and death moment. The bigger the trucks, the more massive damage they can cause. The whole of your mental and physical condition gets shattered and you must have got severe injuries as there is no comparison between a small vehicle and a big truck. I must say, nothing is more destructive than having an accident with a truck. 

Well, you must be fearful and it’s natural to feel worried due to medical expenses and depressed as your insurance company is refusing to cover all of your losses. It must be difficult for you to get back to normal life. Don’t worry, take a deep breath and relax. Being a victim, you have been awarded some legal rights to get compensation for your injuries and property damage that you faced due to the negligence of the truck driver. But the hurdle is you can’t get the compensation easily without taking any legal help as truck owners and their insurance companies get involved, making it difficult for you and it feels like a nightmare to get fair compensation. You should take the help of a Kansas City truck accident attorney and he will defend your right.

Reasons for Truck Accidents

Every year thousands of complaints get registered against truck drivers. Many cases of death have been registered. People suffer physically and mentally due to truck drivers’ negligence. Numerous reasons cause truck accidents and need to be avoided to save people’s lives and other damages.  

Some reasons are discussed below:

  • Fast driving

Most commercial trucks are running across the countries. Commercial truck drivers transport material from one place to another and drivers are forced by the companies to make speedy delivery a reality.  They have to reach their destination at a specific time or within a certain deadline. So truck drivers have a habit of driving fast which has brought many lives in danger. They should maintain proper speed to avoid accidents. 

  • Fatigue while continuous  driving

Indeed, driving heavy trucks with loads of heavy tons of material is quite a difficult job.  Truck drivers are under pressure to reach the exact deadline. Drivers feel exhausted and fatigued as they have to drive continuously for long hours so they lack proper sleep and feel drowsy, which causes catastrophic or tragic results.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has regulated some safety rules for truck drivers. They are as below

  • The daily driving limit is a maximum of 11 hours
  • Drivers can work for 70 hours maximum per week, and 34 hours off from duty
  • It’s a requirement to take a 30-minute break after 8 straight hours of driving.

It’s important to follow these rules for safety measures.

  • Impaired driving 

Impaired driving means the driver sometimes uses drugs or alcohol. It has been prohibited by the federal government as driving after using drugs or drinking alcohol is threatful to public safety and affects driving performance as well as slows down the reaction capability and decision-making abilities. 

Despite the mentioned time limit by federal regulations, truck drivers are often looking for ways to stay awake and drive farther so they can make more fortune that is why they use the drug methamphetamine. These drugs help them to remain awake but it’s harmful as truck drivers mentally become less reactive. 

  • Distraction while driving 

Ringing on cell phones causes great distraction and this is one of the common reasons for car and truck accidents. Drivers need to switch on silent options on their cell phones or switch their cell phones off otherwise it will result in a major crash. 

  • Negligence to examine tires and brakes

According to the Department of Transportation, brake failures are the second-most-common cause of truck accidents that results in fatal injuries mostly. And sometimes truck drivers neglect the defective tires. It’s the responsibility of truck drivers to check the brakes and tires before driving. Otherwise, they will be held accountable for taking the lives of innocents. 

  • Overloaded trucks but unsecured cargo 

It’s important to secure the cargo and tightly store it inside the truck. Sometimes trucks are overloaded with cargo but not stored properly and due to loose packing, the cargo blows out of the truck and falls on the road which can cause a huge crash and affects other vehicles driving behind the truck. Usually, terrible accidents happen like this and cause drastic injuries and sometimes death. 

Final words

If you or your dear ones have faced truck accidents in Kansas city then it’s better to hire a Kansas City truck accident attorney as they are professionals and have experience handling truck companies including their teams of lawyers to fight for your rights. Hiring a lawyer is the best way to protect your rights against the truck driver or truck company. Your lawyer will ensure that you get fair compensation.

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