A Brief Guide to the Roma Termini Train Station

The Roma Termini Train Station is the primary train station in Rome. Named after the Roman Baths of Diocletian, the station was originally erected in 1863 but was demolished in 1937 and reopened in 1950. 

Read on for more info and a brief guide to the Roma Termini Train Station. 

Where is the Roma Termini Train Station? 

The Roma Termini Train Station is located in the famed Piazzale Dei Cinquecento, which is directly in the center of Rome. This central location is close to major attractions like the Basilica Papale di Santa Maria Maggiore, the Colosseum, Foro Romano, and Fontana di Trevi.  

Station Platforms: What You Should Know

The station itself is home to 31 platforms that can get you pretty much anywhere you need to go. 

Platforms 1est and 2est are located along platform 1. Do not let this confuse you. Platforms 1est and 2est are different from platforms 1 and 2 as they are mainly used for regional travel to Terni or Orvieto.

It will be easy to locate platforms 1-24 as they are clearly visible from left to right once you enter the main platforms concourse. 

Platforms 25-29 can be found after just a short walk down platform 24. 

Ticket Check

It is important to note that ticket checks are situated between the main concourse and the platforms to keep people from entering. They are currently working on a digital system for this, but in the meantime, you can typically just wave your ticket at a worker to get through. 

Train Swapping is Easy 

The Roma Termini Station has a simple layout that is easy to understand and maneuver. This means that changing trains at this station is often effortless. All you have to do is account for any delays your first train may experience. Buying tickets online will typically suggest safe times for you. 

Things to Do

There are plenty of things to do within this train station. Similar to most other stations or airports, there are plenty of cafes, restaurants, and stores to enjoy while you wait on your train. Here they are. 


If you need caffeine or just want the taste of an authentic Italian cup of coffee, you can make your way to one of two spots within the station. The first one is Acafe, located in the atrium. The second is Moka Cafe, located in the platforms concourse. 

Restaurants and Bars

As for restaurants, there are a few more options. There is a Mcdonald’s located between the central concourse and the atrium if you want something quick and cheap. If you prefer something a little nicer, you can head to platform 1 to eat at Roadhouse Grill. 

If you have enough time to get away from the cluster of busy travelers, you can find many other bars and restaurants on the terrace above the platforms concourse. 


Lastly, if you are hoping to pick up a snack or a souvenir for a loved one, you can do that at Coop mini market along platform 1 or Mercato Centrale along platform 24. 

Travel Benefits

Along with a delightful collection of cafes, restaurants, and stores, the Roma Termini Train Station offers many other travel benefits that make it a wonderful place to travel through. Here are just a few examples.  

Free WiFi

This popular station offers free WiFi for those traveling on business or taking online classes. All you have to do is click on the station’s WiFi and log in with a Facebook account or your phone number. Once you receive the verification text, you will be off to the races to get your work done. 

Luggage Storage 

Did you know that there is luggage storage in Roma Termini? This is perhaps one of the most convenient features for any type of travel. If you get to a station and have a long wait for your next train, or until you check into your hotel, you can drop your bags off for a small fee and enjoy the city. When it is time to check in or board your train, just come back and pick your bags up. 

Executive Club and Lounge 

If you want a more exclusive experience, this station offers it. You just need to sign up and pay for an executive club membership to enjoy an exclusive lounge with plenty of extra amenities. 

Central Location 

In addition to all the great features that the Roma Termini Station has to offer, its central location in Rome is unmatched. Traveling here will afford you easy access to many of Rome’s top attractions, restaurants, parks, shopping areas, and many more. 

The Bottom Line 

Rome is a beautiful place to visit and a must-stop for anyone traveling to Italy. If you travel to Rome, you probably will be traveling through the lovely Roma Termini and should take full advantage of its simple layout, wonderful features, and close proximity to major Roman landmarks. 

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