A quick overview of Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI)

For the unversed, Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is a federal program. Qualified individuals who cannot work full-time owing to an illness or an underlying medical condition can claim financial benefits under the program. Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is available to participating individuals only, and these are people who have paid into the program and have a credible work history. If you need help with SSDI benefits, you must consider meeting a disability attorney. In this post, we are sharing some key details worth knowing. 

The basics

If you are an applicant seeking SSDI benefits, you must fulfill all technical and medical requirements. In simpler words, you must have a valid medical condition (or disability) that prevents you from working and must have paid for the program. You must also demonstrate that you are not earning enough and need SSDI benefits. Unfortunately, a lot of people, including qualified applicants, miss out on the benefits because only 30% of claims are approved after the initial review. Many SSDI claims are denied at first, but appeals can make a difference. 

Dealing with Social Security disability denial

If your SSDI claim has been denied, do not lose hope. You have the option to file for an appeal and present supplemental evidence, following which the SSA will take a look at the claim. If your claim is not considered yet again, you can appeal to an administrative law judge (ALJ), a federal court, or an appeals council. Remember that you must file for a review within 60 days of the initial Social Security disability denial. 

Hiring an attorney

You have paid into the SSDI and have a qualifying medical condition. In such circumstances, you deserve to get the benefits that you are entitled to, and for that, it is best to engage an experienced attorney. A proficient legal team will put in the time and resources to ensure that you get personalized representation. As the first step, they will do an in-depth review of your SSDI case and explain the legal process and things you can expect moving ahead. They will also gather valuable evidence, including medical records, and come up with a strategy so that you can get disability benefits. 

If you don’t understand whether you should claim Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits, talk to a lawyer today, and the first meeting is usually free. You can expect the attorney to deal with the situation and offer competent advice.

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