A Truck accident and a car accident – How do they differ from each other?

All motor vehicle accidents aren’t created in an equal manner and this is particularly true when you compare car accidents with truck accidents. The main point of difference between a car accident and a truck accident is the size of both vehicles. Trucks can weigh around 78,000 pounds more than any average car. Hence, there is just no way in which a car can withstand the force of being struck by a truck. 

If you’ve been in a truck accident, you can get the help of Las Vegas truck accident lawyers and their expertise in dealing with such cases. Let’s check out the difference between a truck accident and a car accident.

  • Truck accidents are more serious than car accidents

It is needless to mention that truck accidents can be more brutal and critical in nature than car accidents. The impact of a truck is greater than a car as the damage caused is not just huge but the injuries are also long-lasting and often permanent.

  • A trucking company is liable for trucking accidents

This is indeed the biggest difference when we speak about the differences between car accidents and truck accidents. Whenever there is a semi-truck, the lawsuit involves the trucking company, unlike a car accident. When the claim is against a trucking company, you have to deal with aggressive insurance companies as well as their lawyers. 

  • Truck accidents are more complex than car accidents

When it comes to truck accidents, things get more complex as compared to car accidents. Though it is true that car accidents are also related to challenges but truck accidents involve bigger damages as there are several parties involved. As you move on to figure out the economic damages, like loss of earnings or medical care, you will find that truck accident cost you much more than car accidents. 

  • Truck accident causes are also different from car accidents

One more big difference between a car accident and a truck accident is determining the cause of the accident. Truck Collision Lawyer are caused by a wide range of circumstances while car accidents usually occur due to smaller mistakes like DUI, distracted driving, or overspeeding. There are times when truck accidents occur due to the huge size of the trucks.

Therefore, if you’re a driver who often drives on the roads of the US, you should drive carefully to avoid accidents. Keep in mind the differences between truck accidents and car accidents. 

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