Alexandra Lozano: Helping You Understand Immigration Law Through Her Books 

As the founder of Alexandra Lozano Immigration Law PLLC, located in Seattle, WA. Alexandra Lozano is also the founder and CEO of the Association of Mother Immigration Attorneys (AMIGA). She is an award-winning and nationally recognized immigration attorney for her work for clients seeking citizenship in the U.S. 

Lozano is also known as Abogada Alexandra on Tik Tok, where she gives free insights about immigration law to anyone who watches her videos. Taking her commitment to immigration issues to another level by creating content online has helped her reach a wider audience of people who otherwise often struggle to find the resources they need. 

Not only has she helped clients and those seeking legal counsel, but she has also mentored other lawyers who want to build the best practice. The publication of her book, “Be the CEO of Your Law Firm,” is one of the many ways she has shared her experiences with others. 

Her Book — “Be the CEO of Your Law Firm”

Alexandra Lozano’s book, published in 2018, guides firm attorneys through becoming successful business owners. It promises to show attorneys how to “gain control, turn a profit, and reclaim their life.” The book is divided into chapters based on the six roles and responsibilities she believes every attorney needs to be familiar with to turn their solo law firm into a successful practice. 

Lawyers overwhelmed by the struggle of getting their practice off the ground or feeling like they aren’t bringing home enough money can use these insights to organize the business side of their practice. This book explains how to keep a practice afloat as lawyers regain control of their firm, their finances, and their life without having to compromise on their dreams. 

The chapters define what it means to be the CEO and outline the responsibilities of this role so that lawyers can learn to thrive. Abogada Alexandra’s law firm can help struggling lawyers turn their firm into a business by helping them thrive rather than just survive. 

From the basics of creating a website to organizing the ideal client experience, new and seasoned lawyers can find it all in her workbook. What can be learned in this book helps lawyers create a business that isn’t just a job but a lifestyle they love. The checklists help readers outline the business’s goals to steer them away from working without a purpose. 

The guidance and templates allow new or struggling solo firm owners to see their firm’s vision to work toward realistic goals. These checklists help define personal strengths and weaknesses to empower lawyers to create the ideal business. 

How is This Book Helpful?

Be the CEO of Your Law Firm is written from the perspective of some with the experience to help struggling attorneys turn their solo law firms into thriving practices. This book uncovers the secrets to running a successful practice so that anyone can make more money while continuing to follow their passion.

Readers no longer have to worry about losing their spark or funds because they can create the firm they want to work in with the wealth of knowledge available in every chapter. All six chapters are divided by the most critical elements required for building their dream practice.

The resources in the book are easy to follow and implement. Lawyers with experience can easily apply the featured aspects to the launch of their practice. 

The Abogada Alexandra account on Tik Tok has been helpful for lawyers who work in immigration and their clients. Still, the bite-sized videos don’t offer the behind-the-scenes information needed to make the most significant impact through their practice. The popularity of Abogada Alexandra has helped her to inspire other immigration lawyers. 

Alexandra Lozano’s experience with AMIGA has helped her to empower lawyers to be the CEO of their firms. She has hosted weekly blogs and webinars that touch on the knowledge that she shares in her book. This publication is intended to help lawyers gain control of their firm and their finances so they can generate a profit to better their lives and the services they provide to their clients. 

Why is Alexandra Lozano Someone Who Can Help?

Alexandra Lozano is no stranger to the struggle of wanting to make a living helping others. After saying goodbye to working in a traditional law firm, she needed a break to figure out if the legal industry was the right place to continue her career. 

Rather than quitting altogether, she decided to create her solo practice. Unfortunately, getting there wasn’t easy. Lozano had to rebuild her life and maintain her practice in Seattle after losing everything to a hurricane. She discovered how to rehabilitate her practice to generate the money needed to thrive in the industry. 

Her experience and dedication to immigration law sparked her creation of Abogada Alexandra on Tik Tok. Here she continues to help potential clients and those searching for the proper resources gain citizenship in the U.S without papers. 

Lozano has earned awards by mentoring immigration attorneys through her videos on social media, books, and other efforts to help the community one case at a time. These have paved the way for lawyers who share the same dream to start their firm. 

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