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Whether you want to listen to Punjabi pop songs or Punjabi folk dhadi, you will find it here. You can even find Punjabi movies songs to listen to.


Whether you want to listen to Bollywood music, Bhangra music or any other type of Indian music, ApunkaBollywood is the place to be. It offers an incredible selection of songs and videos for you to enjoy. You can choose from Bollywood songs, band music, ringtones, videos, and more. It’s easy to use and has an extensive database of Bollywood music.

There are a number of reasons why Bollywood films are often set in Punjab. Films set in Punjab are more likely to include bhangra-inducing numbers. These are often used as dance moves and can make everyone on the dance floor.

Punjabi wedding songs are also known for their slow beats and foot tapping. They are also great for celebrating a wedding or dedicating a performance to a loved one.


Despite its plethora of tribal Sikh professional acrobats, Jhumar is still a relative rarity in Punjab. The best bet is a trip to the Sandalbar area in Southern Punjab where it is a well-kept secret.

Jhummar is a fun dance in its own right, but it does not come cheap. Despite the fact that it has its fair share of snobs, you’ll be rewarded with an authentic experience that is worth the price of admission. The trick is figuring out how to make it your own. It is also possible to make a living performing this art form, if you are the luckiest man in town.

There are several types of Jhumar, from the acrobatics-heavy versions to the purely dance-oriented variants. The best way to get your fix is to visit the Sandalbar area in southern Punjab or go the whole hog and visit the nearby areas of Lahore, Gurgaon, or Dehra Dun.

Folk dhadi

Several apunkers and apologists have dragged their feet in the debate over the finest dhadi in town. Some have been in the business since the beginning of time, while others are just making a name for themselves as an entertainer in their own right. The good news is that you won’t have to shell out a fortune for a decent dhadi. A quick Google search will turn up a plethora of sites that will have you covered in no time. Probably the best bet is to find a local group of enthusiasts that will give you a few lessons in traditional and contemporary dhadi in a pinch.

Punjabi pop

Whether you’re looking for the best wedding song or just something to get the party started, Punjabi pop is always a winner. Punjabi wedding songs are known for their slow-motion beats and bhangra-inducing numbers, and are sure to get everyone’s feet tapping. And, with the advent of Bollywood remixed versions of Punjabi music, the experience is even more thrilling.

The best part is, Apunkabollywood songs are easy to download and listen to, and their website is user-friendly. You can search and download new music, ringtones, and videos all in one place. Their website is also home to a number of other features, including an ‘Old Music’ section, a ‘Showcase’ section for upcoming Bollywood releases, and a ‘Shows’ section for live performances by the world’s biggest stars.

They also have a ‘Word of Mouth’ section that features a number of interesting facts about the history of the music industry. You can read up on the various musical genres and see what musicians have been influencing popular culture Businessworldfacts.

Boss Ladies

Almost all of the Bollywood films are set in Punjab or Delhi. In some cases, they are set in Chandigarh or some town in Punjab. However, most films have character types that are not Punjabi.

The Hindi songs used in these Bollywood films usually use Punjabi lyrics. This has led to a growing obsession for Punjabi music in Bollywood. Several Bollywood films have already been remade in Punjabi. These movies include Main Tera Boyfriend and Luka Chuppi. Despite the popularity of Punjabi songs, the Punjabi music industry has to get rid of its regional language obsession Marketbusinessfacts.


Another Bollywood song is Aankh Maare, a peppy number that sets the mood for a party. The song has great beats and good lyrics. It is also a great dedication song. It has also been remade in Bollywood films like Luka Chuppi, Main Tera Boyfriend, and Jabariya Jodi Techlogicagte.

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