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Becoming a Banking & Finance Lawyer

Becoming a Banking & Finance Lawyer requires a variety of skills, and the field has no shortage of opportunities. The financial sector is growing quickly, and the COVID-19 crisis and push toward digitization are just two of the latest issues affecting the industry. Whether you’re interested in advising small businesses or large corporations on legal issues, banking, and finance lawyers can provide a range of services.

Banking industry

Working in the banking industry requires a high level of technical knowledge and a wide range of experience, but the rewards are many. It is a dynamic and ever-changing landscape, and it’s not easy to understand all the details of the business. Being a Banking & Finance Lawyer can give you a unique edge over other lawyers, as the field is constantly changing. This makes it a challenging but rewarding career.

Banking & Finance Lawyer

The requirements to become a Banking & Finance Lawyer are diverse, but typically include an undergraduate degree in law or a related subject and a law-related masters. To get a training contract, you must have completed an LPC. For more information, consider becoming a chartered legal executive or a solicitor. You can also gain valuable work experience, such as a summer internship or summer job at a bank. Alternatively, a bank may hire a legal assistant.

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