Body Cam Video of a Shooting in Van Nuys

A body-cam video of a hostage-taking and murder in Van Nuys has been released by the Los Angeles Police Department. It shows officers shooting in Van nuys 18 rounds at a man who held a knife to his throat. The man was pronounced dead at the scene. The shooting has left many people angry and scared.

Tito Diaz was drinking with a man when a gun went off, killing Saul Zacarias

A man was shot twice by his drinking partner in an apartment building in Van Nuys, California. The man was identified as Saul Zacarias, 25. After the shooting, Diaz tried to dispose of the man’s body with help from a childhood friend. The body was carried downstairs to a trash container.

Saul Zacarias was shot outside a gas station

When Saul Zacarias was shot outside his gas station, his friends and neighbors were shocked and devastated. They immediately called 911 to report the incident, and police soon arrived. Saul Zacarias had been shot in the leg and the police found him hiding under a car. Diaz and Jimenez were arrested and remain in custody. Saul Zacarias was 25 years old. He was from Guatemala. According to his uncle, family members back home are devastated.

Ramon Avila was shot outside a high school

The shooting occurred in Van Nuys, California, on the night of December 2, 2013. Ramon Avila, a twenty-four-year-old Latino male, was killed during surgery. The suspect, a male Hispanic, approached the victims with a handgun and fired multiple shots.

Suspect was armed with a large knife

A Los Angeles police officer shot and killed a knife-wielding man Sunday afternoon in Van Nuys. The incident occurred near Haskell Avenue and Victory Boulevard. The shooting occurred after the suspect, who had two knives, was seen walking toward police. He was shot once by police officers before he was declared dead at the scene. The two knives were recovered from the scene.

The Los Angeles Police Department identified the three officers involved in the shooting as members of the Van Nuys Division. It was determined that the officers violated the department’s policy on the use of lethal force. This policy states that lethal force should only be used to defend yourself or others from imminent harm. The commission agreed with the report and said the officers were not in compliance with department policy.

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