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Business Law Journals

There are several business law journals published every year, including The Review of Business and Economics and the University of Pennsylvania Law Journal. These journals publish peer-reviewed articles and comments on topics related to business law. They range from corporate governance, securities regulation, capital market regulation, mergers, and acquisitions, and employment law. The university has six student-run businesses and academic journals. Interested students can submit their articles and research papers to one or more of these publications.

University Law

Columbia University Law School students create and publish several business law journals, including the Columbia Business Law Review, which was the first national law school’s legal periodical. It focuses on the interaction between the legal profession and the business community and publishes three issues each year. Students contribute articles to the journals, and they publish their own student-written notes. Other law schools publish business law journals. The University of Southern California Law Review was founded in 1974. It focuses on current legal issues and provides research materials to its readers.

Business law journal

The Columbia Business Law Review is an online publication edited by students at Columbia Law School. It is the second-highest-cited student-edited business law journal. It publishes three issues each year and includes leading articles in business law. With the help of the third-year editor, the staff members perform scholarly research and write student-written notes. It also serves as a forum for networking and discussing topics related to the field of business law.

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