Classification Of Houston Burn Injuries

Burn injuries are painful irrespective of their type. However, for treatment and recovery, it has been classified into several types, including first, second, and third-degree burns, which most people are familiar with. But some other types can also be recognised as fourth, fifth and sixth-degree burns. However, regardless of the severity of the burn, one should seek immediate medical assistance following an accident. This should be followed by a consultation with a burn injury attorney, especially if the accident has been caused due to the negligence of a third party. Seek assistance and work with an experienced attorney to receive the best legal advice on negotiating with the insurance company and passing a burn injury lawsuit.

Along with consultation with an attorney, it is also essential to know about the various classifications of burn injuries to determine the compensation one deserves. This classification is, however, based on the severity and cause of the burn, which is discussed below:

Based on severity, burn injury can be classified as the following:

First-Degree Burns: This causes damage to the epidermis or the outer layer of the skin.

Second Degree Burn: This damages the epidermis, the outer layer, and the dermis, the layer beneath it. 

Third-Degree Burn: In a third-degree burn, the underlying tissues are damaged along with both layers of the skin.

Fourth Degree Burn: Such severe burns expands into the layer of fat present under the tissue.

Fifth Degree Burn: Such burns extends to the muscles. 

Sixth-Degree Burn: The most severe burn extends into the bone beneath the muscles. 

Based On Cause, Burn Injury Can Be Classified Into The Following: 

Thermal Burns: These burns occur as a result of direct contact with the sources of heat such as hot metals, steam, flames, or scalding liquids. 

Radiation Burns: This occurs as a result of extended exposure to the various radiation sources involving the sun’s ultra violate rays.

Chemical Burns: Chemical burns occur when the skin comes in contact with chemicals such as detergents, alkalis, strong acids or other solvents that are known for damaging the skin.

Electrical Burns: These burns result from direct contact with the electricity or current.

Final Thoughts:

Suppose a negligent third party is responsible for a burn injury. In that case, an experienced burn injury attorney should be contacted at the earliest to discuss all legal proceedings concerning compensation claims or filing a burn injury lawsuit.

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