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Criminal Defense Attorney Marketing For Law Firms

Criminal defense attorneys have a very interesting and important job, but it means nothing if you don’t have enough clients. Attracting new clients to a law firm takes some strategy. For criminal lawyers, the first thing that needs to be done is to have a website that appeals to people facing criminal charges. This doesn’t mean that your clients want to know your life story. This means that they want someone who will aggressively defend them in court. Most people that face criminal charges in the United States feel victimized by the system. They did not plan to get caught doing something illegal and are now worried about having to go to jail. They also did not budget for the expense of paying a criminal lawyer to defend them. It’s just an expense that popped up, and they need to come up with a down payment fast.

This is where you come in. You want to set yourself up to be the person they call. At Aggressive Law Firm Marketing we specialize in helping criminal defense attorneys attract new clients quickly and at a low cost. Most marketing and web development firms that specialize in web development and marketing for lawyers charge three times more than the average rate compared to other industries. Not only is this unfair, but it can also take months for your firm to become profitable and grow when you need it the most.

If you are looking for criminal defense attorney advertising call 630-352-0209 for a quote on how to start marketing to people facing criminal charges. Whether you already have a website, need a new one or just want to start running ads online, we can help make sure everything stays profitable, start to finish. Creating landing pages that target people facing specific criminal charges in a local area is the start making you look professional online. Even if you have bad reviews, we can help improve the online reputation of both law firms and individual attorneys.

After quality landing pages are created for people facing specific charges, we run pay per click ads that are strategically targeted. Can you run Google or Bing pay per clicks on your own? Sure, but we do NOT recommend it. Why? You have to know how to eliminate traffic that isn’t directed towards exactly what you are targeting. It might seem like it’s easy to pick a few keywords and write an ad, however there is so much more to it than just that. Not having your pay per click campaigns professionally managed and monitored can result in 80% less leads. Each dollar you spend in advertising needs to go to exactly what it is intended for…which is to make your phone ring with potential new clients. The savings alone in eliminating bad clicks can easily cover the cost of having your ads professionally managed. This results in significantly more business that helps your firm grow.

Want more felony cases?

It’s a fact that people facing felony criminal charges spend more money on lawyers than those facing misdemeanors. If you are a criminal lawyer looking to advertise your firm, then targeting larger value cases will give your firm the growth it needs to expand quickly. It doesn’t need to cost thousands of dollars to attract big cases.

Budgets For Advertising Criminal Defense Law Firms

Every firm has a different idea when it comes to advertising budgets. Whether you are a small criminal defense law firm, medium size or large, we have packages that work for everyone.

  • Low – $350/week
  • Medium – $1000/week
  • High – $2000/week plus

Website Cost for Criminal Lawyers

While every firm is different depending on location and how much content needs to be created, our prices vary from $750-$3000. The difference in price depends on how much content you write, how much content we create, how many pages your website entails, logo creation, custom graphics, and videos. Don’t pay $7,000 for a website just because it’s a company that your colleagues are using. Just because you pay more for a website doesn’t mean it will generate leads that attract new business. It’s important that you have a budget for advertising in addition to the cost of creating a new website for your firm if you either don’t already have one or need a new one.

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