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Criminal Defense Law in Athens GA

A criminal defense lawyer in Athens GA can assist you in getting the best possible outcome to your case. This includes helping you with misdemeanors, as well as violent crimes and drug offenses. So, if you or someone you love has been arrested for a crime, you should contact a criminal defense lawyer right away to discuss your case of Athens GA criminal law.

Gun laws

If you or a loved one are facing criminal charges involving firearms, it’s imperative that you hire a skilled Athens-Clarke County gun lawyer. An experienced attorney can not only defend you against the charge, but he can also advise you on your legal rights and possible defense options.

There are many gun laws in Georgia. These include requirements for buying and selling, carrying and storing, and discharging and disposing of firearms. However, a large portion of the state’s regulation is governed by the federal government. In particular, the National Firearms Act, or NFA, governs most aspects of firearms.

One of the most interesting parts of the law is that it doesn’t just regulate the sale of firearms. In fact, the law makes it illegal to sell a weapon to a felon, ineligible person, or a person convicted of a felony.

Another notable law is that it allows individuals to openly carry handguns while on a hunting or fishing trip. In the event that you’re stopped by a law enforcement officer, you may be required to present your valid weapons carry license. You might also be fined for failure to do so.

Drug laws

Georgia criminal defense lawyers have a lot to say about drug laws. Whether you are charged with drug possession or trafficking, you need a lawyer who understands the nuances of Georgia law.

In Georgia, there are five categories of controlled substances. Schedule I and V drugs are the most serious, while Schedule II drugs are only legal with a valid prescription. These categories are based on the medical uses and the potential for abuse of the substance.

A drug charge is a felony in Georgia. The amount of time you will spend in prison can vary based on the type of drug you have in your possession and your previous record.

The most common drug offense in Georgia is possession of a controlled substance. The penalties range from minor fines to jail time. A drug diversion program may be available for first time offenders in Georgia.

The penalties for a drug crime can be significant, which is why you need an experienced lawyer to help you. The punishment can affect your employment, housing, and federal benefits.

Sex crimes

If you or someone you know has been accused of a sexual crime, you can protect your reputation and your freedom by hiring an experienced Virginia Criminal Defense Lawyer. With an experienced attorney, you can evaluate the prosecution’s case and develop a strong defense strategy.

There are several offenses that can be considered sex crimes. These include statutory rape, sexual intercourse, and necrophilia. All of these offenses carry serious penalties and can change the course of your life.

For example, if you are convicted of statutory rape, you may be sentenced to a one to twenty-year prison term. You also risk probation and fines. You could be required to register as a sex offender, which can have a huge impact on your life.

Similarly, if you are convicted of sexual assault, you can face a one to twenty-five year prison sentence. You may have to register as a sex offender, and you may be able to receive additional felony charges if you do not comply with the registration requirements.


When you find yourself in a situation where you need to hire a criminal defense attorney, it’s important to choose one who specializes in misdemeanors. These charges are the least serious of all criminal offenses and carry penalties such as fines and jail time. They can affect your job and housing prospects, as well as your ability to obtain professional licensure.

You can have a misdemeanor conviction for a crime such as simple assault, simple battery, theft, or robbery. The penalties can range from a fine of up to $1,000 to up to one year in prison. Depending on the severity of your charges, you may have to participate in rehabilitative programs. You may also have to pay surcharges.

Depending on your criminal history, you may be required to take part in rehabilitative programs, such as DUI school, anger management, or community service. You may even lose your driving privileges.

If you have a felony charge, you can face up to a year in state prison. You can also have a conviction on your record for several years. These consequences can be long-lasting and can be detrimental to your life.

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