Divorce is never an easy decision to make, and neither is the process that follows. The best approach to efficiently and stress-free manage the subsequent proceedings when you and your partner decide to divorce to be organized. In our blog post “How to Prepare for Divorce: Building Your Support Team,” we’ve already discussed the first stage in getting ready for divorce. Seek advice from an Orange County divorce lawyer to know more detail about the data and paperwork you’ll need to compile throughout this period.

Collect passwords and other personal information.

The legal process of getting divorced can be drawn out and include a lot of paperwork. To receive contact from your divorce lawyer in a safe manner, you will need to establish several boundaries.

To do this, you must compile personal data like:

  • Whole name in the law
  • Birthdate
  • Real address for mail
  • documentation of state residency
  • Hourly pay or a salary
  • The ID number for social security
  • all online accounts’ login details

Some of this information might also be appropriate to collect for your spouse. It will be easier for the judge to grant the proper child support or alimony, for example, if both parties’ income information is provided.

Find Out More About Your Children

Information concerning your children needs to be organized because divorce impacts the entire family. Depending on their age and legal status in relation to you and your spouse, you might not require it for all of your children.

You will need to collect their personal information if your children are.

  • biologically yours and your spouse’s under 18-year-old children
  • being adopted and under 18
  • less than 18 and a former spouse
  • below the age of 18 and a former spouse

This also holds for long-disabled children older than 18 involved in these interactions. What specific data would you require, though?

You must include the following details about your children to ensure that they are accurately represented:

  • Full name
  • Birthdate
  • information on how to reach their pediatricians, schools, or daycare
  • An outline of the existing daycare system
  • history of health
  • All child support payments or sums you have made or received
  • A thorough expense report

Your Personal Property

Who gets what do you know? In the long run, everyone will benefit if this step of the divorce process is done correctly.

Count the following things:

  • Houses
  • Property (Land)
  • Vehicles
  • Tractors or equipment like snowblowers
  • Jewelry or other objects have a special meaning for each individual.
  • Livestock, such as cows or horses, and domestic animals, such as cats or dogs

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