Do-It-Yourself Divorce – How to decide whether it is the right option for you

Is DIY divorce a practical option? Would you be able to save money now or would it boomerang you in the long run and cost you heavily? Well, DIY divorce is a great option when:

  • Both you and your spouse have an amicable relationship and you both have agreed on things like financial matters, a proper plan for your children, and property issues. 
  • You both are satiated with the decision that you both can now work together for your child’s best interests
  • You are totally aware of the liabilities, income, and assets of your spouse and your spouse has been transparent about it

If you ask a divorce attorney in Columbus, Ohio, he will tell you the pros and cons of a DIY divorce. Here are a few other considerations. 

Do you have the temperament and time to do it yourself?

Yes, we understand that you want to save money on your divorce but wait! Do you think you have the time and the temperament required to research and learn about the divorce laws of your state, assemble all documents and abide by the rules of court filings and appearances at court? You’re already going through emotional turmoil due to the separation; would you like to take on this added stress?

Mediation can help save your dollars

Divorce mediation is one of the best ways of handling a divorce, particularly when you and your spouse can agree on all the vital terms of the divorce. You can check out more on divorce mediation before opting for this.

Stay away from DIY divorce in case there is deception or anger

If your spouse suffers from excessive anger and often takes resort to violent tactics to vent out his anger, you should avoid going the DIY option. Moreover, when you have children, the behavior of your spouse can get dangerous for them. Apart from this, if you have a donut that your spouse is not revealing his joint assets and properties, you should work with a lawyer. 

Speak to a few lawyers first

When you’re unsure about whether or not a DIY divorce is a right option, get in touch with a few divorce attorneys. Ask for a free consultation and explain your condition to the professional. This can help you in deciding whether or not hiring him would be a better option for you than fighting the case yourself. 

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