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Do you know what grandparents rights are all about?

There is nothing more beautiful and pure than the relationship shared between a grandchild and a grandparent. Sadly, in life, there arises several situations when a grandparents is not able to see e their grandchildren. Sometimes this may happen due to the strained relationship between the grandparent and the parents of the child, and sometimes this might happen because it is not in the best interest of the children. Irrespective of the situation under which the grand parents are not allowed to see their grandchildren, there are several rights enjoyed by grandparents.

If you are not aware of grandparents rights,  an attorney can throw light on them. Here is a list of points that you should know about grandparents and grandchildren rights. 

Do grandparents enjoy a legal right to visit their grandkids?

 The answer is No. grandparents never enjoy a legal rights to visit their grandkids in around 50 states of the US.  Laws have been created only to safeguard parental rights, above everything else. If the law granted automatic visitation rights to grandparents,  this is seen as a violation of the rights of the parents to decide what what is better for the child and what is not. However, the 6 file a petition at the court to be granted the permission to visit their grandchildren or even get their custody.

In case child protective services remove a child from their home, the authorities get in touch with the family members who stand a chance to become the foster parents or the guardian of the child.  never the less, even in such a situation grandparents will have to go through a similar process as any other Foster parent would have to. Even when the adult child is considered to be an fit, the  grandparent doesn’t automatically get his custody. 

How to deal with not being able to visit your grandchild

 it can be heartbreaking for a grandparents to stay away from their grandchild, more so when they have developed a strong connection with them.   When your adult grandchild is not letting you visit for some personal fight, then the only thing you can do as a grandparent is to reach out to them politely. Though it is not always a wise option, you can still take the effort to retain the relationship that is broken for some reason. 

If you think it is impossible to repair the relationship, you  may try mediation before you rush to take legal action.

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