Escape from Tarkov – The Best Tips to Playing the Game

There are several tricks you can follow to get the most from the game. These include examining all items before you buy them, selling them to other players, and leveling. These tricks will save you time in both raids and online raids, and will help you maximize your experience and leveling time.

Offline raids

The Offline mode in Escape from Tarkov allows you to play the game without the internet. The mode is a great way to practice the controls and learn new weapons. It also lets you play in different weather conditions and against AI bots. However, you must note that there is no way to save your progress in Offline mode.

This mode lets you learn the mechanics of Escape from Tarkov before entering a raid. In addition, it helps you improve your overall performance as well. It helps you practice the game’s improvisation and adaptation skills. Another option is to disable the AI to spend the entire raid exploring empty maps.

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Armor classes

The Armor classes in Escape from Tarkov are a great way to protect yourself from the various attacks that the game offers. The lower tiers of body armor are relatively cheap, while the higher tiers are much more expensive and harder to obtain. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best options.

There are two main types of armor in Escape from Tarkov, and both have their own pros and cons. The most basic armor, known as the “6B2” Armor, is cheap and unlocked early. It provides protection from shotgun and pistol type rounds, but it’s not very effective against more skilled PVP players. However, if you’re just starting out in the game, the 6B2 Armor is a good choice and won’t impede your mobility in any way. For players who have more resources, you may want to upgrade to the FORT armor with ceramic plates, which increases survivability.

Gun recoil

One of the most important aspects of shooting in Escape from Tarkov is controlling gun recoil. Recoil control allows players to stabilize the trajectory of their shots and control the horizontal spread of recoil. This is different from other FPS games, where the recoil always flies upward. Moreover, in Escape from Tarkov, when you shoot, the character will automatically press the gun down. It is important to learn the skill of pressing down the gun to maintain stability while shooting.

During the game, gun recoil can be reduced by lowering the recoil setting on the gun. It is also important to note that the recoil of the gun will affect the damage you deal. As such, a low recoil rifle is ideal for custom and factory maps, while a medium-high fire rate rifle is best for lab maps.

Loot collection

Loot collection in Escape from Tarkov is important for survival in this intense, online shooter. You can get new weapons, armor, and more by collecting as much loot as you can. There are many ways to increase your loot collection in this game. However, it’s important to prioritize your objectives.

Looting is the main premise of this game, so you should always try to do safe loot extractions. It’s important to make use of the map provided by Wikipedia to identify viable extraction points. Look out for green smoke, active lamps, and spotlights indicating active loot extraction points.

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