Domestic Violence

Examples of Sexual Abuse Violence

A child who has been abused by a parent or another close adult should seek help immediately. They should speak with their parents or an appropriate program. Counselling may be available from the offending parent or siblings. If the victim has not been able to get legal assistance, they should contact their local police department. They should seek help for the abuser and for the child. In some cases, a victim can sue for damages.

Child’s development

The perpetrator is often the partner of the victim. In many cases, the victim is not even aware that the abuser is abusing her or him. In a relationship, the perpetrator is typically a former partner. In many cases, the abuser can continue a pattern of violence for years. The survivor may not even realize the abuse is taking place. A victim of abuse may experience denial, shame, and fear, which can be a contributing factor to a child’s development.


The perpetrator can use sexual behaviors to control the victim. They may also use these acts to make the victim feel ashamed or guilty, in order to gain power over the victim. As a result, victims may be forced to engage in acts they don’t want to do. All of these examples of sexual abuse can occur when a partner or spouse has a controlling attitude. If this is happening, the victim should seek help as soon as possible.

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