Good Attributes of a Trust Attorney that you must Consider

Trust planning attorney plays a major role in the planning of your future. There are certain legal documents that a trust planning demands, like, living will, trusts, probate evidence, Medicaid document, taxes, gift taxes, etc. An absence of any of these documents may create a hindrance for your loved ones to handle your will. 

Ensure that all these things are carried out smoothly by hiring a San Antonio trusts planning attorney. They will walk you through the process efficiently. But be vigilant while you hire a trust attorney. You might have special needs and you should keep in mind the following attributes before hiring an attorney.


This is said, again and again, that experience matters. There is a lot to the process of making trusts. Especially if you have complex assets and your needs are unique. While hiring a trust attorney see how many years of work experience they have, along with the client testimonials. 

Focuses on Trust Planning

You will need someone who has expertise in trust plains and not a probate attorney or a probate litigation attorney. Though they might deal in a comparative similar matter their areas of function are totally different.

A trust attorney should help you with:

  • Proper drafting of the trust.
  • They should be updated with all the new estate laws, Medicaid laws, tax laws, etc. 

Transparency with their Fee

Outlook for an attorney who will charge you a one-time fee and include all the services in it. This way you can be carefree about the overarching fee they might charge you at the end. Also, a good attorney will keep you updated on any additional charges that your case might involve. Further, ask them to provide you with a fee agreement at the beginning so that things are kept transparent.

Proper Guidance in Every Step

Being a commoner who is working in another field of work, you might not know about all the dynamics of trust planning. 

A good attorney will help you understand the entire process in simple words and provide you with correct information. 

Regular Update

The whole trust planning process is not just a matter of a day or two, it requires time. A good attorney will keep in touch with you on a regular basis to keep you with any information on the status of your case. 

A trust attorney will be a part of your life even after your demise. So it is very important to keep in touch. 

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