How Are Tutoring Websites Beneficial for Learning Maths?

Parents often find themselves at the point where their child is struggling and falling behind with their studies. One-size-fits-all curriculums and large class sizes can contribute to children falling behind with their studies, especially when it comes to subjects, such as math, that are difficult for some students.

Online maths tutoring is becoming one of the most common forms of maths learning nowadays 

The benefits of learning maths from tutoring websites are:-

  • Website tutoring offers much better value for money than in-person tutoring, partly because there are no travel costs. You no longer need to compromise your child’s education to afford tutoring.
  • Not only does website tutoring provide more flexibility, but it also saves time and money while being ecologically friendly. 
  • Website teaching fits in with your choices, whether you’re at home or someplace else with an internet connection. 

5 best Website Tutoring Sites for Maths Subject?

The 5 best website tutoring sites for math subjects are:-

Khan Academy 

For grades 3 through 12, as well as SAT, LSAT, GMAT, and a variety of other test prep courses 

Khan Academy is a free, interactive website where students can choose from a variety of subjects and courses ranging from Basic Math to AP Calculus BC. Students can then work on problems while viewing videos.

Cool Math 

For students in grades 6 through 12 

Cool Math is an oldie but goodie interactive site that offers puzzles, practice problems, a math survival guide, and other materials to help kids realize why math is not a scary subject. Cool Math’s creators currently have a site named Cool Math 4 Kids for younger students.


From Kindergarten to 12th grade 

Cuemath is a famous live tutoring website that can assist your youngster in math. 

Cuemath’s website has a variety of interesting activities, worksheets, and quizzes to make math fun and easy for students. 

Kindergarten through 12th grades is more than a site for students to figure out the answers to their homework problems right before class starts, with free games and mortgage calculators. It’s also a location where they may learn why math is such an important skill. offers test preparation and study recommendations in addition to giving free, clear worksheets and lesson plans ranging from Basic Math to Calculus. 


For students in grades 2 through college, including SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, and PRAXIS preparation.  It was created by the same teachers and professors who created those short, yellow, and black pamphlets right near the classic literature section in your local library. 

Trapezoid Definition, Formula, and Types 

A trapezoid is a four-sided closed two-dimensional figure with a perimeter and an area. The bases of the trapezoid are two sides of the form that are parallel to one other. The legs or lateral sides of a trapezoid are the non-parallel sides. The altitude is the shortest distance between two parallel sides. Calculating the area of a trapezoid is simple because the opposite sides are parallel to each other. As a result, the area of a trapezoid is determined using the formula: 

Area =[(AB + CD)/2] x h

A = [(a + b)/2] × h 


Parallel sides (AB and CD) 

a = shorter foundation 

b = extended base 

h stands for height or altitude.

Trapezoids are divided into three types, which are listed below: 

  • Isosceles Trapezoid
  • Scalene Trapezoid
  • Right Trapezoid

While some math textbooks, such as the Algebra I textbook, provide a series of short tests with multiple-choice responses, others, such as the Geometry textbook, do not.

Cuemath has the best online maths tutors. They are very well trained in their field and kids enjoy learning.

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