Sexual Harassment

How Does Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Impact the Victim?

The negative effects of sexual harassment in the workplace are numerous and long-lasting. Moreover, these consequences can affect the victim’s job, career, and salary. As a result, the way an employer handles the situation can significantly impact the outcomes. Here are some common workplace sexual harassment situations that can negatively impact the victim: (a) Disrespectful behavior or coercive actions toward another person is illegal; (b) A victim experiences psychological and physical symptoms after experiencing such an incident; and (c) a harassment-free environment is not a violation of federal law.

Lack of a harassment

Lack of a harassment policy in the workplace. In addition to the negative effects of sexual harassment on the victim, such incidents can negatively impact the organization’s culture. They can lead to low morale, high absenteeism, and low productivity. Furthermore, organizations may suffer from higher staff turnover and added strains hiring new staff. In addition, they may have to deal with the expense of settling sexual harassment lawsuits resulting from harassment. This can cost an organization a substantial amount of money and damage its reputation.

Survivors and perpetrators

A shift in power between survivors and perpetrators is necessary for effective workplace harassment policies. Concrete actions toward this end include enacting anti-secrecy laws that prohibit workplace rules that limit the ability of survivors to discuss harassment problems with other people. These measures also clarify the boundaries of harassment, which may be perpetrated by a supervisor. In addition, lawmakers should develop new funding sources for sexual harassment resources, such as hotlines and worker advocacy programs.

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