How Ignoring Digital Marketing Trends Sabotages a Business Performance?

The world is evolving at an unprecedented rate. With consumers becoming smarter and business competition getting tougher, it is nearly impossible for marketers to excel without keeping abreast of the latest trends.

Digital marketing is a vast world with no end. The continuously blooming field has emerging trends every now and then and to keep up with the digital marketing landscape it is important to be aware of the industry trends all the time.

Digital marketing is comparably a new form of marketing and has some basics that every marketer or someone who is connected to the field should know on fingertips. The basics of digital marketing are email marketing, analytics, CRM, forms, etc. However, apart from basics, new trends make digital marketing a challenge for businesses.

After stepping into the new decade, digital marketing experts had one thing going on in their mind, and that was the urge to find marketing trends in 2020.

Therefore, to understand what is going on in digital marketing these days we have shortlisted some of the trends in 2020 below:

The Rise of Social Network Marketing

Digital marketing through social networking sites is not new. However, the emergence of a new social networking website like TikTok has redefined social media marketing.

TikTok was the third most downloaded application in the 2019 first quarter. However, it did not quite look like a digital marketing tool rather it seemed teen’s new addiction, which it actually became.

However, as time changed the platform came forward as a new and unique way for brands to attract the younger demographic through marketing.

TikTok marketing is now a thing. This form of marketing includes different brands to post short-clips and videos on the platform through their channel. These videos help brands market their products and services in a unique way to their audience.

Emails are still relevant

Just when we thought that the upcoming new ways of marketing would outclass email marketing, it managed to keep its position intact.

Email marketing has been here for years and the best part is that it can modify itself with the dramatically changing marketing landscape.

The digital marketing trends of 2020 support the usage of email marketing albeit in a highly engaging way. Previously, email-marketing tactics used to irritate customers who were tired of receiving spammy emails with robotic content.The latest email-marketing trend, however, supports the power of good quality contentthat looks and sounds interesting.

To understand this better, here is an example: 

You have received an email with the most monotonous content and a tedious look. Not to forget you receive such branded emails in bundles. Customers are highly unlikely to respond to such emails.

However, using personalized content with creative visuals is an approach to curate better content for email marketing.

In addition, modern email marketing believes in the agenda of less is more. Therefore, there is no need to overdo email marketing spamming your customers with promotional emails.

SEO, Topic Cluster, and Competition

It is not new that content marketing and SEO go side by side. However, with growing competition, it has become tough for businesses to surpass their competitors through basic content marketing and SEO.

In 2020, SEO marketing has introduced a new form of content marketing in which the primary focus has shifted from keywords to topics.

That is right.The new SEO approach revolves around the topic,which means that the content would contain all keywords around a particular topic. This also includes inserting links to articles and writing pieces that are more detailed.

This format leads to an interconnected blog systemthat lets the search engine understand the pillar content as the main authority connected to the unit.

Here is a picture to understand this well:

The Growing Popularity of Voice Searches

As predicted by Gather study, 30 % of all browsing sessions would have a voice search option by 2020; the percentage is expected to rise in the future.

This means that if your website is not voice-search-friendly you should know that your business would not become the greatest choice for modern-day customers.

The majority of voice searches are now dependent upon a few things only i.e. a high-speed internet service for smooth functioning, a smartphone device, or a virtual assistant. The major virtual assistants such as Alexa by Amazon, Siri by Apple and Google Assistant show that people are falling love with voice search and why wouldn’t they? These virtual assistants can instantly process commands by usersand convert them into text and run online searches.

These innovative trends are here to stay and therefore you need to upgrade your website to help your business stay in the game.

Key Takeaways

The dramatically changing digital marketing landscape makes it hard for businesses to stay in the game with old marketing tactics. To flourish your business let alone outclass your competitors, you need to keep yourself updated with digital marketing trends.

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