How Is Medical Malpractice Proven?

We all want to have faith in the medical professionals that handle our care, but sometimes things go wrong, and we’re stuck in less than capable care.  Although you may clearly know that something went wrong and that you deserve help because of this: it’s harder to prove it when it feels like the entire medical industry is against you.

This is how medical malpractice is proven and what to do once you’ve noticed it.

Professional Duty Owed to the Patient

Doctors agree to an oath to do no harm when they start their profession, and this doesn’t just mean harm by actively messing up surgery or hurting you.  Their harm could be negligence and refusing you care when you needed it, giving you the wrong dosage of medication, prescribing you the wrong operation, or dozens of other issues where you could be harmed.  There’s a doctor-physician relationship established, so they owe you the ability to feel safe in their care.

Break of Such Duty

Break of this duty, as described above, is any behavior or task where your doctor doesn’t carry out the reasonable amount of care you should be able to expect from them.  This results in physical, emotional, or financial damages and can easily ruin a person’s life.  Hospital policy may change what duties are reasonably expected, but for the most part, any harm that doesn’t protect you or heal you of ailment breaks this owed duty.

Injury Caused By the Breach

What injury has been caused by the breach?  This could mean physical injuries, like a sponge being left inside of a cavity during surgery, mental damages from a doctor making romantic or sexual advances on a patient or a mix of the two.


Damages can be more than just the physical harm that’s been done to you; it’s also the financial effort of trying to correct, dealing with the injury, any physical or mental therapy you have to undergo, and any lost wages or hours of work you might deal with.  The damages results are going to be different on a case-by-case basis, so talk to your personal injury lawyer about what they think the proper damages payment you should receive is.

What Do You Do if You Find Medical Malpractice?

If you feel like medical malpractice is happening to you now or has happened to you, the first thing you need to do is seek help to repair anything that’s wrong.  This will help keep you alive and healthy and is the most important step.

Next, it’s vital that you try to document as much as possible about what’s going on.  This means getting copies of paperwork about procedures you’ve undergone or procedures that doctors refused to perform on you.  Detailed notes about your symptoms, pictures of anything you can show, and witness statements where possible.  Talk to a lawyer as soon as possible so that you can move forward with property healing.

Everyone Deserves the Chance to Heal

Healing and overcoming sickness or injury is vital to ensure that you survive and happily thrive.  Consider talking to a medical malpractice lawyer soon so that you can get the help you need.

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