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How Long Does a Medical Negligence Lawsuit Take?

You can bring a medical negligence lawsuit if you were injured by a doctor or hospital’s mistake. There are two and a half years after the treatment to make a claim. The clock starts running once the injury occurs, and if you have been suffering for a long time, you may have missed the window of opportunity. There are many ways to make a case. Here are some of the most common ways to file a claim.

Medical negligence

A medical negligence claim is complex and typically requires a thorough investigation and a clear burden of proof across the Four Ds. The length of a claim varies based on the complexity of the case. Whether or not a medical professional has committed medical negligence will determine how long the process takes. The sooner the doctor admits fault, the faster the claim can proceed. If the doctor disputed liability, the longer the process takes. However, if the patient’s health is at risk, the case will move faster.

Legal process

A successful medical negligence claim may require a lengthy legal process. You must prove that the physician breached his or her duty of care, which caused the injury, and then prove that the injury was the result of the doctor’s or hospital’s error. If the claim goes to trial, it may take up to four years to be decided. Most cases are settled before trial. Additionally, many claims take much longer than four years to settle, especially those involving children or cases where the effects of negligence are not entirely borne out. Knowing what types of situations can result from medical negligence is important for getting the proper compensation for your injury.

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