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How Much Will A Solicitor Charge You For A Personal Injury Case? 

Legal cases in or outside the court can be expensive for some people. Only some people can hire a lawyer once they get the expected outcome. Lawyers can range from several types and cases. However, the most common type of lawyer most people employ is a Personal injury attorney

A personal injury lawyer can be helpful in any injury resulting from an accident. While one might hire a lawyer to secure themselves from legal aspects, it is necessary to prioritize medical support after encountering any damage. Besides, it will benefit you to know the fee structure most lawyers charge. 

What is the fee structure charged by personal injury lawyers? 

In most personal injury cases, a lawyer might charge for their services based on a “contingency fee” plan. A contingency fee plan allows a plaintiff only to pay the lawyer if they win the case. Once the lawyer successfully defends and wins the case, the plaintiff must pay a percentage of the settlement amount. 

If the lawyer does not help the plaintiff obtain the expected outcome, no fee will be charged per the contingency fee plan. However, the plaintiff might be required to pay some legal costs, such as court filing fees, irrespective of the case’s outcome. Below is some additional information about the contingency fee plan offered by most lawyers: 

  • Contingency fee plans can be expensive in some cases as it requires the plaintiff to pay 33% to 40% of the final settlement to the lawyer. However, the upside to the contingency plan is that no fees will be charged if the plaintiff loses the case after hiring a personal injury victims in St. Louis lawyer.
  • The plaintiff must ensure a written fee agreement that specifies the lawyer’s percentage from the final settlement and clarifies who will pay which costs and expenses, irrespective of the case’s outcome. 
  • The contingency fee is the most common arrangement for personal injury lawyers, as observed by several victims injured due to someone else’s negligence.
  • If the plaintiff wants to avoid opting for a contingency fee plan, given the percentage of the final settlement to be paid to the lawyer, they can choose to pay the lawyer by the hour or choose other fee arrangements. 

Besides the contingency fee structure, it will also be beneficial for you to use a free consultation offered by lawyers when meeting for the first time. By using the free consultation, you can ensure if the lawyer is fit to handle your case and if you should proceed with them by agreeing on the contingency fee plan. 

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