Instances When A Bicycle Accident Might Occur

Accidents can cause significant injuries or disfigurement in severe cases. Similarly, bicycle accidents have also become common. Bicycle accidents are often caused by motor vehicles. One might think that a bicycle accident may not injure someone significantly. However, the nature of injuries can take a devastating turn. 

If you ride a bicycle, taking appropriate measures would be in your best interest. For instance, you must wear a helmet on a bike as it could save you from head injuries like brain damage. It would be in your best interest to ride with utmost measures as a bicycle offer very little protection. You could consult the  Law Office of James T. Ponton, LLC, as they could help you prove fault and seek compensation. 

You can also become familiar with common instances where bicycle accidents occur below. 

  • Smartphone 

Cell phones or smartphones are the most common reason behind many accidents. Riding a bicycle inattentively can attract an accident with injuries. In bicycle accidents, bike riders tend to get distracted by their cell phones. Many cyclists look down on their cell phones on the bicycle. As a result, not being aware of the road and paying attention to the smartphone will lead one to an accident. 

  • Speeding

Driving speed should always be in control. Many drivers or riders go at high speed and lose control of the vehicle. In such cases, severe crashes are common, leaving the victims with significant damages. You should always maintain a rate of speed that is within the driving limit and controllable. Safe speed can save you and others from being injured. 

  • Traffic 

Traffic can likely become a cause of an accident. Driving too close to the traffic will allow damage post an accident. Other road drivers should give cyclists enough space if there is no bike lane. Also, cyclists must not assume that each driver will provide them with space and should drive at a safe distance from other drivers. 

  • Rules and regulations 

Failing to follow the rules of the road and disobeying traffic laws on the road can lead to a bicycle accident. Cyclists and all other drivers are supposed to obey and follow traffic laws and rules. Otherwise, unpredictable accidents and injuries will be encountered. You should always follow traffic laws and stop signs as they could save or decrease the severity of an accident. 

In a nutshell, negligence and inattentiveness are the root cause of bicycle accidents. If you were not at fault for the accident, you could always contact the Law Office of James T. Ponton, LLC and ensure to press action against the responsible drivers. 

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