Mourinho is Special again. Led Roma to the trophy and made history

The second European Cup final this season was somewhat reminiscent of the first – the final match between Rangers and Eintracht in the Europa League. At least in the first part, that is, in the first half. There was quite a lot of struggle, football as a whole looked tense and dynamic, but sharpness was sorely lacking. Here is a link to download apk for betting in Uganda.

Both teams kept in mind the importance of a rare trophy for them and the high cost of a mistake. Therefore, everything did not look very spectacular. Someone may already be scared for the Champions League final. Will the trend continue? Moreover, in the first half, even the goal scored by Zaniolo did not contribute to the disclosure of the game in this case. The Romans seized their rare chance thanks to Nicolò’s skill. And I had to wait for the second half to see the aggravation.

The first-ever Conference League draw is likely to be historic, not only in its very debut status. Jose Mourinho, who has already been written off by many, who was more mocked, believing that his greatness is in the past, and he can only quarrel with judges and journalists, took it and went down in history. He immediately became the first to win all existing European competitions.

He began his triumphant European campaign with Porto in 2003, when he took the UEFA Cup with a 3-2 victory over Celtic in the final. A year later, with the Dragons, he took the Champions League, beating Monaco in the final (3: 0). In 2010, Mourinho won the Champions League with Inter. Then Bayern fell in the final. It is interesting, by the way, that it was the last European Cup trophy of the Italian club to date. It turns out that Mourinho brought the last two victories in European competition to the Italians.

After that, the Portuguese managed to win the Europa League with Manchester United in 2017. For Manchester United, this was the first success in this tournament. Of the interesting things, we can note the presence of Henrikh Mkhitaryan in United, who now won the Conference League with Mourinho. Although in the final match he was injured and was replaced at the beginning of the game.

Maybe Mourinho, as they say, is no longer the same, but he continues to leave a mark on history. He became the second coach to win the European Cup tournament for the fifth time. The first such mentor was Giovanni Trapattoni. And in total, this is the 26th trophy in Mourinho’s career. Moreover, the break from the previous one dragged on. These were victories in the Europa League and the English League Cup with Manchester United in 2017. But Roma had to wait even longer. The Romans last took any trophy in 2008 and it was the Coppa Italia. And in European competition they won the previous time in 1961. And it was the Fairs Cup – if anyone remembers that at all.

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