New York MegaGame Society and McGill Megagame

The New York MegaGame Society is a gaming society that has produced a series of video games. Some of these games are Watch the Skies, Blood Feud, and McGill Megagame. These games were created by Jim Wallman. They were released in various locations across the United States and Canada.

Watch the Skies

Watch the Skies is a board game in which players take on the roles of key government leaders dealing with real-world crises, including the UFO threat. The game is played through a series of rounds in which the player will attend press conferences and publish a game newspaper at the end of each round. Players can join as individuals, or form teams and compete against others. The player will be assigned a team at the start of the game and will have to work together to overcome obstacles on their path to victory.

The game’s story begins with the mysterious aliens that are attacking the Earth. Inspired by the XCOM videogames, Watch the Skies is a hybrid of a board game and a role playing game. It requires players to play military leaders, diplomats, and scientists in order to solve various problems.

Blood Feud

Blood Feud is a megagame that combines elements of board games and roleplaying games. The game is designed for four to 32 players, and features a storyteller and round-based gameplay. It is a fun game for people of all ages and skill levels.

The game includes two types of Story Mode: Improvised Actions and Story Arcs. Storytellers can mix and match these elements to suit their needs. Improvised Actions let players directly manipulate the game and propose effects outside the normal rules, while Story Arcs let players play as different characters. Each Story Arc has a different triggering event and effect on the game.

McGill Megagame

The McGill Megagame Society is a team of game enthusiasts based in Montreal. They host and produce megagames for academic and recreational purposes. The society has been around for fifteen years and has hosted several games. Its members include professors from McGill, the University of Toronto, and the University of Washington.

Megagames are large simulations that can involve anywhere from ten to a hundred participants. They typically include elements of wargames, role-playing games, and tabletop games. The participants are usually divided into teams and organized into hierarchies of teams.

McGill’s “crisis simulation”

Students from across McGill University recently attended McGill’s “crisis simulation.” The event, run by Humanitarian Partners, was a unique opportunity to learn about global humanitarian response and crisis management. Students were exposed to simulated situations that mimic real-world emergencies. Participants were assigned various roles and responsibilities and were given real-world information and tasks to complete.

The event, called “the McGill Megagame,” is an interactive exercise with up to 100 participants. The simulation was originally planned for February 2021, but was cancelled when a COVID-19 pandemic affected the city. In addition to the pandemic, the city is ravaged by a tsunami, police are preparing for an emergency response, the electrical grid is down, and hospitals are overwhelmed with sick patients.

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