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New York Personal Injury Lawsuits

In New York State, personal injury lawsuits must be tried in order to obtain a verdict. In New York State, the plaintiff must have five out of six jurors agree before a case can be decided. Although personal injury lawsuits rarely go to trial, a settlement can be reached at any time. It is important to remember that filing a lawsuit does not mean that you will be required to proceed to trial. If you are unable to afford a trial, it may be better to settle your claim instead.

Personal injury lawsuit

Whether a plaintiff wins or loses a personal injury lawsuit depends on how serious the injury is. Injuries that are severe, such as a broken bone, can result in the highest settlement amount. However, cases with less serious injuries can still result in substantial monetary damages. During the trial, you will also be able to recover medical expenses that are related to the accident, as well as punitive damages for extreme negligence.

Injured person

In a personal injury lawsuit, the injured person will be awarded funds based on the negligence of the other party. Typically, a defendant will be found guilty of negligence if he or she failed to take reasonable care of their property. By filing a lawsuit, a person can receive compensation for their losses. The plaintiff will get a dollar amount for their pain and suffering. In many cases, a plaintiff can sue a company or person who has caused the injury.

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