Sexual Harassment

Preventing Sexual Harassment Under the Sexual Harassment Prevention Law

Whether the harassment has been persistent or only occasional, there are several things that you can do to prevent it. You can also write down notes on the incident and keep them in a safe location, such as your personal email account. It is also important that you have a witness present when you report sexual harassment, so that other people can verify what you have said. Keeping detailed notes about the incident is also helpful, so that you can re-examine the details in court.


Once a complaint has been filed, an investigation should be launched. This investigation should be completed within seven days, or less in some cases. It should not take more than two months, but if the investigation requires longer, you should inform the people involved. The results of the investigation should be made public and the parties directly involved should be given a copy. This is a very important aspect of preventing sexual harassment. It is also essential to make sure that employees are aware of how to deal with aggressive behavior.

Sexual harassment prevention

The sexual harassment prevention law outlines a number of measures that employers can take to prevent sexual harassment. It does not have to be sexual in nature. It can also include teasing, intimidating comments, and bullying based on stereotypes. It can be directed at anyone based on their gender identity, sexual orientation, race, or ethnicity. In most cases, it can only be sexual in nature. But the statute also covers a wide range of behaviors that are deemed unlawful and must be addressed.

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