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Should You Hire a Stockton Car Accident Attorney or Not? Use This Guide to Make a Decision

Hiring a car accident lawyer is a smart decision if you sustained serious injuries or fault for the crash has been questioned. Although it’s not a legal requirement, having an attorney working on your case can increase your chances of successfully pursuing monetary compensation for your injuries and damages. By hiring a Stockton car accident attorney, you can take legal action against a negligent driver without navigating the legal process by yourself. Rather, you can concentrate on your health while your attorney builds your case. If you are still unsure about whether or not to hire an attorney, here are tips to help you make a sound decision:

Think About the Seriousness of Your Injuries

Some car accidents don’t lead to serious injuries; however, others do. More serious injuries lead to higher losses. You could accrue hefty medical bills and lost wages. In addition, some crash-related injuries can have long-term impacts such as chronic pain. If you end up sustaining a debilitating injury, you might need a lifetime of rehabilitative therapy and medication. Severe injuries are often expensive to treat and can diminish your quality of life.

When you pursue compensation for your injuries, you must account for your present and future losses. Another issue that may arise is when the at-fault party’s insurance is not enough to cover your injury-related expenses. In this case, you can file a lawsuit against this party. This is another legal process your attorney can help with. 

What Can You Expect from Your Attorney?

If you are wondering whether it makes sense to hire an attorney or not, consider what pursuing compensation entails. Your attorney will evaluate your losses, can handle the necessary paperwork for the claim, as well as work with insurance providers. They can review an insurer’s settlement offer and determine if it is fair compensation for your injuries. 

Although some accident cases settle without going to court, your attorney will prepare to bring yours to trial if negotiations with the insurance company or the at-fault driver fail. Again, they will prepare all documents for you and meet important deadlines.

Before you make your decision regarding working with an attorney, you may be concerned about the legal costs. A lot of car accident lawyers work on a contingency fee basis, which means you don’t pay out-of-pocket fees to get a lawyer to handle your case. The attorney will only collect payment once they have successfully secured a settlement or a court verdict for you. 

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