Criminal Law

The Importance of Criminal Law

The importance of criminal law can not be overstated. The protection of the community and the preservation of the peace of the society are vital to the functioning of our societies. The criminal justice system protects the value of human dignity and provides a safe social environment. The protection of public goods also extends to the preservation of the environment and the right to personal autonomy. It is vital to the functioning of a modern society to ensure that public goods are protected, and to protect these values, we must ensure that the rule of law is followed.

Criminal law

Criminal law has a dual function. It serves as a tool to protect essential values of a society. Since man is the supreme social value, it must be protected by the legal system. The laws of criminal law are meant to protect the rights of every individual and ensure that they are treated fairly in any situation where they are accused of committing a crime. Those who commit crimes will usually be convicted of a criminal offence, which is defined as any act that violates these fundamental values.

Protect the rights

The main purpose of criminal law is to protect the rights of individuals and groups in particular situations. These goods are called ‘goods’. They cannot be measured in economic terms, but in terms of their value. A good may manifest itself in a moral, social, political, or economic context. It can also exist in an abstract form, and be a societal good. Moreover, it can be a ‘public good’ when exercised by the community as a whole. Clean air, the right to privacy, and the right to personal autonomy are some of the examples of public goods.

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