The Western Cowboy Hat and Other Top Hat Trends in 2022

The hat trends for 2022 appear to be an amalgamation of some of the popular hat types. The cowboy hat type has made a significant comeback! It has inspired men and women across the globe to get inquisitive about western fashion and blend it with their modern-day attires to create an interesting mix. Also, the cowboy hat has been a prominent part in the runway this season.

Spring fashion shows always highlight style lovers’ best fashion accessories and hats. There is a style for every man and woman who loves to wear a hat. Other than the statement-making cowboy hat, there is the stylish baker boy hat and the fashionable buckets as well.

Right from the classy chic to the athleisure dad styles, most celebrities and stars are bringing their own styles in wearing a hat. In 2022, the hat styles will be highly versatile this year. This article will delve into some of the favorite hat styles.

1. The bucket hat for a classy look

It is a correct standby for both women and men! The bucket hats have made a classic comeback owing to the pop culture impact. Also, the pistachio green shearling you will come across on the runway can be a far cry from the tweed worn and the modest wool in the 1900s to secure the farmers and fishermen from the rain. Usually, the daily style trends are modern and streamlined, designed in classy shapes and vibrant styles for pleasant twists and to make it a timeless classic.

2. The classic cowboy hat in leather and straw

Men and women who wish to walk in style and are comfortable in making bold style statements should embrace the cowboy hat this season. Usually, it is available in straw and leather. Felt cowboy hats are also a good option for people who want their hats to be a blend of sophistication and casual charm. Going by the runway style trends, it is best for women to pair their cowboy hats with sleek dresses, crop tops, and sober low-cut pants to create a new-age Y2K style. Are you planning to take a vacation? In that case, you can choose a straw cowboy hat and couple it with a gorgeous bikini, provided you are heading to the beach. A chunky necklace also adds to the look. There are several hatmakers that have come up with the best cowboy hat choices. To know more about it, you can check out

3. The fedora is an eternal style statement

The wide-brimmed hats have always received ample following because of its smooth criminal vibe. While the fedora hats are not exclusively straw hats or meant for warm-weather occasions, today, most women who want to look their best choose this hat over others. The international fashion houses have modernized the fedora hat. However, the refined structure of this hat brings up a nod to the old-world craftsmanship. Women who are wearing tailored pieces can try to wear this hat. It also complements casual jeans and a white t-shirt. Women can add embellishments such as a hatband that gets hand-crafted by designers to add more style and charm to it.

4. The pillbox and beret styles

The dramatic and romantic silhouettes usually bring to mind an old-world charm. However, the latest hats that have made it big this season are the ones that have vibrant color splashes. It includes attractive details such as ribbons, veils, and flowers. It gets perched slightly atop the head at a rather jaunty angle to create a difference. Hence, you can say that the new-age beret has joined hands with the vintage design using new-age elements. Today, the berets are available in iconic shapes with a vibrant palette.

5. The trilby or the men’s fedora has its charm

This season men should choose hats that have a stylish brim. You can dress it down or up based on your preference. However, the fedora brings back fond memories of men during yester years who were well-dressed and got noted because of this hat. Even though there are few who claims that the fedora acts as a dress-up hat and needs to get worn with a tie and suit, one can say that the old-world style will get the quality and the character to every attire.

6. The baker boy hat adds to your style

When you look at the hat styles for women, there are several options, such as the newsboy cap, the baker boy hat, and the fiddler cap. Bella Hadid was spotted wearing this hat type a couple of years back. In the recent times, the silhouettes are slightly more structured. This hat is attractively minimal, and it has a timeless aesthetic.

These are a few of the best hats in vogue in 2022 that you can bring home. Assess your style persona, and it will enable you to choose the hat that complements you.

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