Tips On Choosing A Drink Driving Lawyer In Parramatta

Do you currently reside in the suburb of Parramatta in Western Sydney? This area of New South Wales is populated by over 30,000 people. Of them, many have been detained as a result of drink driving. For some, it is not their first offense. Representing yourself for any legal matter is usually the wrong decision. There are aspects of the legal system in Australia that individuals would not be aware of. You are likely, if arrested, going to pay hefty fines and have jail time. That’s why it’s important to retain a competent drink driving lawyer in Parramatta that can represent you in a court of law.

What Are The Penalties For Drink Driving In Australia?

The severity of your penalty can be based on three factors. This will include the breath alcohol test, prior convictions, and whether or not you have legal counsel. The BAC levels have designated license disqualification penalties and maximum fine amounts. However, with a competent drink driving lawyer representing you it is possible that you may avoid the maximum time that you will lose your license to drive. They can also assist you in minimizing how much you will have to pay for a drink driving conviction, regardless of how many times this has occurred. 

Reasons To Retain Legal Counsel For Drink Driving Issues

Lawyers that represent clients in Australia for drink driving arrests can assist them in several different ways. It is likely that you can avoid paying the maximum penalty, especially with a first-time offense. Likewise, the amount of time you will lose your license to drive can be minimized with the help of one of their attorneys. This is a service that this law firm has offered for many years, successfully defending their clients in this manner. At the very least, you will better understand the penalties you face when convicted of drunk driving in Sydney.

Other Factors That Can Affect Your Penalties

In Australia, the legal system will also assess what is called your traffic history. If you have no prior convictions, the judge may recommend a 24-hour suspension of your license, especially if you BAC was not as high as 0.10. Immediate suspensions may occur if you have a pre-existing drink driving charge that is currently pending. If you failed to willingly provide police with a specimen of your blood or breath, or if they deemed your actions on the road dangerous, you could lose your license immediately. A penalty of more than $8000 may be mandated by the judge if you are a repeat offender. For all of these reasons, it is important to find a local legal representative in Parramatta that will be able to assist you.

Now that you understand how severe the penalties can be for drink driving cases, finding a competent often might be the best option for you. Many law firms have assisted a multitude of clients that have faced similar situations. Trying to represent yourself for a drink driving case is an almost guaranteed way of getting the maximum penalties. If you need legal help or advice for this or any other reason, visit this website today. 

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