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Top 4 Causes Of Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian accidents are not rare to find. Thousands of people fall prey to such fatal accidents every year. Some of the pedestrian accident victims endure serious wounds, while some succumb to deadly injuries.

Brain injury, bone fracture, and spinal cord injury are some of the examples of injuries experienced by the victims of such accidents. You can visit this page to know more about the reasons for such accidents.

Reckless Driving Or Inattentive Walking

Pedestrian accidents do not always remain the sole responsibility of the car driver. Sometimes the pedestrian’s negligence also causes the mishap. If the driver of the car accelerates beyond a permissible speed limit, accidents might take place. In this case, the responsibility will be the drivers’.

On the other hand, people also cross the roads wearing earplugs, being inattentive. They often miss the sound of the horns and traffic signals. Consequently, they experience fatal accidents. Therefore, pedestrians and vehicle drivers both should be careful on the roads to avoid accidents.

 Distracted Driving Or Walking

Many people check their phones for messages or talk to friends and family on the phone while driving. When you get engaged in conversations or texting, you lose control of your vehicle’s movement. Consequently, your reflex turns slower, and you fail to manage emergencies. Without complete focus, you cannot control your car when another passerby abruptly comes in front of your car.

Incapable of applying the brake, you hit the person. Even pedestrians should avoid talking or texting on the phone while crossing the roads or walking on the street. Road safety needs both parties to follow the traffic rules and basic safety protocols. One’s negligence could become another’s misfortune.

Bad Weather

Bad weather is often a common reason for pedestrian accidents. Foggy surrounding diminishes visibility. Therefore, both drivers and pedestrians struggle to look far. The drivers should keep the fog lights on and the speed under control. When you drive your car within a certain speed limit, you can avoid accidents promptly.

Similarly, the pedestrians should also pay more attention while crossing the misty roads or walking downs the foggy streets. Drivers can also honk oftener to let the pedestrians be aware of the car’s presence. Potholes filled with rainwater can be another reason for pedestrian road accidents. Therefore, avoid damaged roads during the rainy season to avoid unfortunate events.

Wearing Dark Clothes In The Night

When you drive in the dark, run slowly and concentrate on the roads. People wearing dark clothes remain invisible in the dark until you get quite close to them. If your car’s headlights are not working optimally, do not drive in the dark at all.

Precautions can restrict several accidents from happening. Hence, if you do not feel confident or if the car is not in its best condition, skip the idea of driving in the dark. People should also avoid wearing dark clothes at night. Instead, try bright, reflective colors to make yourself visible o the drivers from substantial distances.

Follow the safety protocols, abide by the traffic rules, and be cautious on the roads to avoid accidents. Despite the measures, if you bump into an accident, meet a lawyer for the best claims.

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