Top 5 Qualities Of A Great DUI Lawyer

Driving Under Influence (DUI) is a serious crime that is regulated by strict laws. If a person gets caught driving while intoxicated, he can face severe consequences. However, a good DUI lawyer would be able to handle the situation in such a way that you are either proven innocent, or your punishment is reduced to a minimum.

Not every lawyer can do this job smoothly. If you are confused about how to choose the right DUI lawyer for yourself, then here are the top qualities that you should look for in a lawyer while hiring him.

1. Knowledge About The Field

A great DUI lawyer has considerable knowledge about drunk driving. He knows all the laws related to drunk driving, how these laws differ in each province, and how to fight back against these laws.

If you are the guilty one, your lawyer should know how he can make your case to favor you more. Only a great lawyer who knows the DUI laws can do this smoothly.

2. Experience In Court

A great lawyer can stand confidently in court and prove his point through a series of references, past rulings, and other cases. Your lawyer should be able to communicate clearly in court. His voice should be firm and clear, and his words should be strong.

If your lawyer is new in the field and has little to no experience in handling the case alone in court, he might flinch or fail to prove his stance. This can seriously damage your case. Therefore, find a lawyer who knows how to talk in court.

3. Availability To The Client

The lawyer you are hiring should be available to you when needed. Court cases can go on for months or even years. If you do not have this much time to wait, you should find a lawyer who is available to you and gives your case priority.

Lawyers that constantly shut down their clients or avoid telling the details about the case are never serious about the case. They will not care if you win or lose, they just want their money. Choose a lawyer who wins only when you win.

4. Willingness To Fight For The Client

A great lawyer is willing to fight for a client. If your lawyer does not trust you or thinks that you can win the case, he can never be a good lawyer for you.

Lawyers who are serious about their work, like Red Deer DUI who care for their clients and want to win cases for them, would be a much better choice than many.

5. Affordability

A great lawyer is an affordable lawyer. Affordability does not necessarily mean that the lawyer will be cheap. It can also mean that the services your DUI lawyer is providing match the money he is charging.

Not every expensive lawyer is a great lawyer, and not every cheap lawyer is bad. The cost should not be the only deciding factor. If you are getting the services for the amount you are paying, you should be satisfied with your choice.

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