Types Of Lawyers-  The Various Lawyer Career Paths

When you have a law degree, the number of jobs you may apply for is almost endless. Every sector of the economy needs the assistance of expert legal professionals, whether it be for issues about legal or medical malpractice, family law, civil rights, or even employment problems.

Every topic of law offers the possibility of developing a specialized legal practice. It’s possible that your approach to providing legal assistance is best suited for dealing with criminal cases instead of creating contracts for finance law or wills for estate planning.

You will be better able to select what path you want to follow with your legal career if you are familiar with the many subfields of law in which you could choose to specialize and the responsibilities associated with those subfields.

Legal Sub-Divisions

To assist you in deciding the area of law you want to specialize in and the kind of attorney you wish to become, we have collected the following exhaustive list of the numerous areas of law that may be specialized in and the responsibilities that they play for their clients:

1. Attorneys For Corporations

A corporate lawyer is an attorney who works for a corporation and whose primary responsibilities include counseling executives on how to avoid making business choices that might result in legal action and defending the firm in court when it is sued. In addition, it is their responsibility to use their knowledge and skills to draft and revise business contracts in a way that complies with all applicable laws.

2. Bankruptcy Paralegal

Bankruptcy paralegals assist bankruptcy lawyers in providing clients with advice on their financial situation, whether or not they are eligible to file for bankruptcy, which type of bankruptcy would be the most helpful for them, and information on how to file for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy paralegals also provide clients with information on how to file for bankruptcy.

3. Agricultural Lawyers

Independent work or employment by a business, organization or government agency are also viable options for an agriculture lawyer. You can live and work in almost any part of the nation because every area has its unique requirements and problems that it must address

4. Litigation Paralegal

A litigation paralegal’s responsibility is to assist trial lawyers in preparing for proceedings to take place in the courtroom. They will interview witnesses, draft papers, do administrative work, and perform additional research in preparation for the trial.

5. General Practice Lawyer

An attorney in Oakland California who engages in general practice does not have specialized training in any field of law but advises clients and represents them in court about a wide range of legal matters and processes. These kinds of attorneys may have specific interests, but they can also work on various cases.

6. Family And Divorce Lawyer

Lawyers specializing in this area assist clients in a wide variety of legal matters, including disputes involving child custody, the processing of divorces and the division of assets, child support, domestic violence, civil unions, adoptions, and more.

7. Criminal Defense Attorney

You can work for the public defense, the private defense, or the prosecution when you become a criminal lawyer. Criminal attorneys defend clients who have been accused of committing a crime and help them through the many phases of the legal process, such as arrest, bail, plea negotiations, appeals, and punishment.


As we’ve seen, the legal business offers a wide variety of job options for those interested in working there. Which course of action you choose will rely on the nature of the legal dispute that most piques your interest and your intrinsic abilities and deepest interests.

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