What are Common Injuries Caused by Slip and Fall Accidents in Kent?

Injuries from slips and falls can occur at home, in public spaces, or on any business property. Of all slip and fall accidents, nearly 66 percent are due to wet surfaces. In addition to being a leading cause of injuries for individuals of all ages, this type of accident is particularly dangerous because many people don’t recognize it as a potential danger prior to slipping on one of these hazardous surfaces.

The most common types of injuries resulting from slip and fall accidents include head injuries, bone fractures, and soft tissue damage. For those who have been involved in this kind of accident, there are a few symptoms that might arise depending on the severity of the injury. However, make sure that you hire a personal injury lawyer in Kent to deal with the insurance companies if you have suffered such an injury.

We will now see the most common injuries caused by slip and fall accidents in Kent.

  • Brain injuries

One of the most serious types of injury from a slip and fall accident is a brain injury. Brain injuries can be caused by falls on surfaces that are too slippery, or even due to falls on wet surfaces. You might feel immediate pain in your head when you fall down, but some victims do not experience any sign of brain damage until much later. It is important to seek medical treatment immediately after falling and see a doctor so that they can determine the extent of the damage to your brain and whether there is any risk involved.

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  • Back injuries

Another serious condition that can be caused by a slip and fall accident is back injuries. This type of injury often occurs as a result of falls on slippery or wet surfaces that do not give adequate cushioning to absorb and reduce the impact of these falls. Such accidents often lead to ruptured discs or other spine-related pain, which can severely impair your range of motion and cause chronic pain.

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  • Fractures

Slip and fall accidents can also cause broken bones, particularly in the upper limbs. While this type of injury is commonly referred to as a fracture, it is not necessarily caused by breaks in the bone. Because of the fall, the bones in your hand or arm may be pushed into the internal organs and cause bleeding inside them, or even blood clots that reduce circulation to your extremities. Fractures of this kind are particularly serious because they are often painful and have a quicker onset than other types of injuries.

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