What are Different Forms of Gender Discrimination at Workplaces in Hackensack?

Gender discrimination has become quite common at workplaces in Hackensack. You will often hear the complaints of male employees who are not promoted to a management position when females with less experience and training do. Likewise, you will see females having a hard time providing for themselves and their families. These are all some examples of gender discrimination at workplaces in Hackensack.

Sometimes gender discrimination can take a toll on both the professional and personal life of the victims. Yes, it can be hard for those who are going through it. At the same time, it can also lead to a lot of negative effects. Of course, officials will try their best to prevent these actions from happening but they still happened. If it still happens, you should not be reluctant to consult a Hackensack employment lawyer.

Let us now see into different forms of gender discrimination at workplaces in Hackensack.

  • Passed over for a promotion

This one is perhaps the most common form of gender discrimination at workplaces in Hackensack. This is where a male employee gets passed up for a promotion that could have been rightfully theirs if not for the fact that they are a male. Take note, it is not always the situation of females getting promoted over males that are being discussed here but it can also go the other way around.

  • Paid less than co-workers

Another common form of gender discrimination at workplaces in Hackensack is the fact that some females are getting paid less than their male counterparts. It is true that being a woman comes with a long list of burdens and responsibilities. But it does not give employers the right to pay them less than what they should be. You actually have the right to attain the same salary as your fellow co-workers if you have the same qualifications and experience.

  • Harassed in the workplace

Harassment at workplaces in Hackensack has been a common thing. Some females are subject to unwanted and disrespectful sexual or gender-related comments and gestures. The worst part is that these come from people they work with or below them. There is a law against it. This does not give the employer the right to overlook workplace harassment just because she knows her employee for a long time or even if they are friends outside of the office.

  • Terminated from a position

Another form of gender discrimination at workplaces in Hackensack is the one where an employer fires a female worker even if she has done nothing wrong. It is true that there are cases wherein an employee has done some mistakes that made the employer mad. 

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