Domestic Violence

What are Economic Violence and its Example

Economic violence has many definitions. For example, it can be the death of a poor person due to lack of medical care when other members of society have access to medical care. It can also be the failure to help someone who is ill but does not do anything. Zizek defines economic violence as both subjective and objective violence. Both of these kinds of violence are consequences of the capitalist system, but they are different. The first type of economic terrorism is the physical act of a person who uses force to hurt another individual or group.

Second type of economic violence

The second type of economic violence involves the deprivation of basic needs and resources. This type of violence can include denying a woman of food, clothing, and medical care, destroying property, and failing to pay for school fees for their minor children. Moreover, economic violence is often ongoing after a person leaves an abusive relationship. It can also include the exploitation of an individual’s reputation. Consequently, economic abuse often goes undetected until it causes physical harm.

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Physical violence

This form of economic violence is particularly prevalent in developing countries. It robs women of financial autonomy, resulting in a cycle of poverty. It also compromises women’s educational and developmental opportunities. Moreover, it enables sexual exploitation and other forms of physical violence and can even result in trafficking of women. It may also continue even after a woman leaves an abusive relationship. Therefore, the impact of economic violence cannot be ignored.

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