What are the charges of an immigration attorney? 

Immigration attorneys are the ones who are specialized in interpreting immigration law. Their main work is to guide you in the ever-evolving complicated migration process. The immigration attorneys also represent the clients in the deportation hearings. The main work of the immigration attorney is to help their clients who are facing difficulties related to adhering to immigration requirements. You can contact an immigration lawyer in NY if you are also facing such problems. As they can correctly guide you, which not only reduces your physical effort but also gets your work done properly. 

What are the charges of an immigration attorney

It is not necessary all the time to hire an immigration attorney. You can represent some of the processes. But hiring an attorney reduces the risk of mistakes and errors. People hire an immigration attorney when applying for an immigration document, like a green card or visa. Here are some of the critical situations when you will need to hire an immigration attorney: 

  1. If the immigration applicant is convicted of any crime, they must consult with an immigration attorney. 
  2. If the immigrant application is denied for any reason, you will need to consult the immigration attorney for the solution. 
  3. In medical conditions, an applicant with an infectious disease will not be granted permission to enter the US. In such a case, an immigrant lawyer can help you determine whether they can go for any other option or if their medical condition will render them ineligible. 
  4. If your document takes unreasonable time to process, you must hire an immigration attorney as they are familiar with the complete process and the deadline. 

Charges for hiring an immigration attorney

When you hire an immigration lawyer, you will have a consultation with the immigration attorney for 30 minutes. During this period, you will understand the estimated services for hiring an immigration attorney. The lawyer’s charges for the service depend on the difficulty level of your case, the number of documents that will be required, the amount of time it will take, and the government fees. 


Hiring an immigration attorney is always a smart and time-saving step. If you hire an immigration lawyer, you must not forget to get an estimate for the service during the consultation. And if you are facing such situations mentioned above, you must hire an immigration attorney. It will save your time and get your work done more accurately, including the representation of files with all legal documents.

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