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What Are the Different Categories of Cybercrime?

There are several different types of cybercrime. Some of these crimes are aimed at individual victims, such as online harassment and the distribution of child pornography. Others are aimed at organizations or governments and include identity theft and credit card fraud. Many examples of cybercrimes are found on the internet, including phishing attacks and spear phishing, which spoof legitimate businesses to steal money and personal information. There are also ransomware attacks, which steal information from an organization and demand payment to unlock them.

 US Department of Justice

Property cybercrime refers to crimes committed on a computer or network. For example, hackers can steal bank or credit card information. These crimes are aimed at obtaining access to funds. Other examples include the dissemination of malicious software or carrying out Distributed-Denial-of-Service attacks on computers. The US Department of Justice considers this type of crime to be the most serious kind of crime and is considered to be the most harmful type of cybercrime.

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Another type of cybercrime is known as malware. Malware, or viruses, can be installed on a computer to carry out a variety of illicit activities. These malicious software programs can steal personal data or delete information. A Denial-of-Service attack involves the use of malicious software to prevent users from using a computer. These types of cybercrimes can also be destructive to personal information and computers. This type of cybercrime affects businesses, government, and private networks

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