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What Does a Real Estate Attorney Do?

A real estate attorney can be an invaluable asset to any home buyer, seller, or investor. Their job is to resolve real estate disputes through the proper use of legal language and procedures. They may represent one party in a court of law or work with an outside company to help in the transaction. Whether the dispute is with a tenant or a landlord, a real estate attorney can help to protect the rights of both parties.

Real estate attorney

A real estate attorney is an essential component of real estate transactions. They can be essential when buying or selling commercial or residential property, and can help buyers avoid pitfalls and avoid overpriced properties. A real estate attorney can also help buyers avoid costly closing costs, which add up to a lot of money. It is also crucial to have a lawyer present at closing, since the rules regarding tenant relationships and company tax filing status can be complicated.

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A real estate attorney must attend the closing with the buyer, which is the time when money is paid and the title is transferred. The attorney is responsible for ensuring that the transaction is binding and legal. Often, a real estate attorney will be required to prepare documents for a purchase, write title insurance policies, and complete title searches. They will also be responsible for the transfer of funds and HUD-1 form.

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