What If My Ex Does Not Pay Child Support in Western Australia?

Child support is an important part of any custody order. In Australia, the Child Support Agency may also become involved if either party fails to pay the child support legally bound by the court or if there is a disagreement about paying child support. You may wonder what you can do to ensure that your children are taken care of and that their future will not be jeopardized because of your ex-spouse’s unwillingness to make regular child support payments. This article will help you find a solution to this query.

What to Do in This Situation

If your ex-spouse is not paying child support, you may need to take the following steps to enforce the order. 

Check Your Child Support Agreement

If your ex is not paying child support in Western Australia, reviewing your child support agreement is important. This will help you understand whether or not your ex is required to pay child support and how much they should be paying. The amount of child support will depend on how many children you have, how much money each parent makes, and how much time each parent spends with their children.

Seek Help From a Lawyer

If your ex-spouse has not paid child support, you may feel helpless. But there are many things you can do to get the money you deserve. First, try to work with your ex-spouse directly to come up with a payment plan. If this does not work, consider hiring Perth Family Lawyers to represent you in court. To ensure that the courts understand the importance of supporting your children financially, everyone involved in the case must understand what is at stake.

Get Help from a Government Agency

If you are having trouble getting your child support payments from your ex, several options are available. You can get help from a government agency for mediation or file a complaint with the court. Perth mediation is a process that involves meeting with both parents together to talk about how they can work together to make sure their children are provided for financially. This is often done through Community Legal Centres (CLCs), nonprofit legal service organizations funded by the government. You can also file a complaint with the court if mediation does not work out for you.

File a Motion for Contemp

If your ex is not paying child support, you must know that you have options. You can file a contempt motion, requiring your ex to appear in court and explain why they have not paid child support. Once you have filed the motion, the court will schedule a hearing date and notify both parties of this date. At the hearing, both parties will be allowed to make their case. If the judge rules against your ex, they may be ordered to pay back child support plus interest and penalties.


With all this information, you should figure out if the Child Support Agency is taking care of your situation. More broadly, remember that the CSA is ultimately an organization dedicated to giving children the financial support they deserve. It may seem like a daunting, impersonal system with a lot of bureaucratic red tape, but it is ultimately fulfilling its purpose: providing for your child.

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