What Not To Do In A False Arrest

If you have been wrongfully detained or unlawfully confined, a false imprisonment attorney can help you navigate the legal system and seek justice for your rights being violated. For a layman who has never been to a court, a falsified arrest is like shattering the earth below the surface.

Yes, it is scary, to say the least. On top of that, it is very humiliating, especially if the officer in charge is being utterly disrespectful towards you and your family members. According to criminal defense strategies, you shouldn’t wait any longer and call for a lawyer immediately.

What Is A False Arrest

A false arrest is when someone is arrested under false circumstances. Some of these false circumstances could be.

– No warrant.

– A falsified warrant was received from the court of law on the basis of lies and deceit from the officer in charge.

– An unclear warrant which has no proper reason for arrest stated.

– Falsified evidence for the arrest.

Things Not To In A False Arrest

Yes, it is intimidating, and if you are anticipating an arrest already because you, unfortunately, have been a suspect in the crime, then here are things you absolutely should not do.

1. Do Not Overlook The Warrant

First off, if any police officer is trying to arrest you without providing a warrant from a court of law, it is not just a false arrest. It is an unethical arrest. So, you shouldn’t fear at all. However, if a police officer was able to show an arrest even though you are absolutely innocent, do not get intimidated.

It is possible that the police officer lied to the judge in order to get a signed warrant. Do not overlook the warrant because you find false or wrong information. Maybe the name, date, or cause of arrest is not clearly mentioned.

A false arrest is definitely not a conviction of the crime, but when you hire your criminal defense attorney, you can give them this information.

2. Don’t Try To Violent

Just like the police officer has no right to be violent with you during an arrest, you also have any right to openly reject an officer of the law. Being verbally or physically violent is not the right way to deal with the situation, and it will help no one.

Therefore, it is better to see the warrant, get all the information you need, and let them take you peacefully. If you have been handled violently by the police officer in charge, you have every right to file a case against them, but for now, peace is what you need to choose.

3. Do Not Avoid Legal Help

When you are brought to the police station, you will be given the option to get legal help during interrogation. The truth is, even if you are innocent, that is not enough in the eyes of the law. The police inspector arresting you might think there is some compelling evidence against you, and thus the arrest.

You will need a lawyer with you so that you do not get intimidated by the interrogation or forced to confess something you haven’t done. Plus, a lawyer will know all the legal procedures after this and help you protect your rights.

4. Do Not Ignore Your Rights

Speaking of rights, do not try to ignore your rights because they are the most important thing which will take you through this tumultuous journey. You should know that no police officer should use physical force, violence, or that to you or a close family member to get a falsified confession out of you.

They shouldn’t intimidate you into speaking when you refuse to because you have every right to remain silent and not testify against yourself. You also have a right to a lawyer before they take you up for interrogation.

It Is Better To Be Calm!

Panicking or shouting will not get you anywhere. Rather this would give the officers in charge another evidence to present in court. You shouldn’t give them any more weapons than they already have.

Therefore, stay calm and try to handle the situation with ease. No one can prove you guilty if you are innocent, but you have to take it seriously and take the necessary steps.


You can sue the police officer as well with enough evidence and witness.

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