What You Should Do Immediately After A Motorcycle Accident (Complete Guide)

If you have ever met with an accident because of someone else’s mistake, the first question is, “What to do next”? Undoubtedly, motorcycle accidents are devastating, leaving you with several injuries and wounds. Right after a crash, a rider feels shaken; thus, understanding what to do after an accident is important to stabilize yourself. 

If you’re unsure what to do next after a motorcycle accident, here are seven things you should immediately do after a motorcycle accident. You can also hire a Georgia motorcycle accident attorney to strengthen your case and get maximum compensation. Let’s dive in!

8 Things to Do Immediately After a Motorcycle Accident

1. Contact the Police

First and foremost, contact the police after a motorcycle accident and file a report. It is crucial as it helps you get maximum compensation after filing a claim. 

2. Seek Medical Treatment

Since you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, seeking medical treatment instantly is a priority. Even if your body has no physical injuries, do a thorough body checkup to minimize delayed injuries.

3. Report and Document All Injuries

After the accident, make a detailed report about all your injuries and symptoms that you are experiencing and explain them to the police, doctors and medical staff. This helps to understand the medical condition and provides necessary treatment. 

4. Never Give Statements Or Sign Releases

Insurance companies sometimes try to record your statements or get signs on different documents. Do not provide any statement or sign releases, as this aims to minimize or deny your pain, symptoms and injuries. 

5. Never Sign Anything

Without consulting your lawyer, do not sign a release, settlement or waiver given by the insurance company, as they aim not to pay compensation for the harm caused. 

6. Obtain a Copy of Your Police Report

Since you have already done a police report, consider taking a copy and keeping it with yourself for future reference. You can directly ask the police department for a copy. 

7. Attend all Medical Appointments

Do not miss any medical appointments like occupational and physical therapies, regular appointments and follow-up checkups, as these are vital for improvement. 

8. Call 911 

After meeting an accident, call 911 to document the accident and kickstart the insurance claim process. 

Wrapping Up!

Meeting a motorcycle accident can shake you from the core. After such an accident, it becomes confusing what to do next. These are the top 7 things you should do immediately after an accident. 

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