Which injuries are categorized as slip and fall injuries? 

Slip and fall injuries are more common in older people. Slip and fall injuries can be minor to a server where a person can even lose their life. If you or some people you know have met with a slip and fall accident and the fault was someone else’s negligence, then contact a slip and fall lawyer Huntington beach. Occupational Health & Safety states four types of slip and fall accidents. 

Step and fall

When you are walking on a recently renovated surface, that is, making changes in the flooring height or texture, older people may not fathom the changes and meet a fall accidentally. Also, there might be a hole on the floor, a step-down, slopes, etc. If you have met with an accident like this, you can sue the person who has made the changes because they haven’t put any cautionary sign boards. 

Slip and fall

It is the most common form of accident. The reasons that trigger this kind of accident are wet floor, the nature of the floor being slippery, or spillage of some slippery agent on the floor. 

Trip and fall

It happens when something unexpected comes into your path. You may not see the object and trip over it. It can be something under the carpet, an unexpected stair, the folding of the carpets creating a bump, etc.

Stump and fall

It happens when your feet get entangled in something, causing a fall. It could be a power cord, something lying around like a toy, etc.

What is the role of a personal injury lawyer in slip and fall cases?

If you believe that the reason behind your accident is someone else’s fault, then you can sue that person. But get in touch with a personal injury lawyer and then get the job done as slip and fall cases need the presence of solid evidence. The defendant’s insurance company may try to settle the issue by offering the least amount and brainwashing you that it is the best deal you can get. Still, on the contrary, if an insurance company contacts you after the fall, then chances are that you will be getting more claims. A personal injury lawyer will help you negotiate with the insurance and get the best deal possible. So, no more delay, and get in touch with a personal injury attorney right now. 

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